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How RentRedi Saves You Time and Money
How RentRedi Saves You Time and Money

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Wondering how we figured out how much time and money you save using RentRedi?

Let’s have a little math lesson! (Don’t worry, we do the hard math for you.)

Hours Saved Per Week = 

Weeks Using RentRedi * 8hrs (avg. # of hours our landlords say RentRedi saves them).

Money Saved Per Month = 

$1000 (estimated average monthly rent) * 10% (% average of a monthly management fee) * 12/mos + $500 (avg. yearly turnover cost for one unit) / 12 months

In plain English? 

On average, RentRedi can save you 8 hours a week and $141 in management fees per month per unit! 😄

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