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Failed Rent Payment Troubleshooting for Tenants
Failed Rent Payment Troubleshooting for Tenants

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If your rent payment failed and you have sufficient funds, it could be due to incorrect information being entered.

ย If you are having trouble with submitting a rent payment, enter and double-check the following information:

  • Confirm that the name entered exactly matches the name on the bank account

  • Ensure the account number and routing number are filled out in the correct field (sometimes tenants accidentally flip these)

  • Ensure the account number is NOT a member number (member numbers are common especially with credit unions, but are not valid account numbers)

  • Confirm the phone number is the correct number for your bank account

  • To be extra sure, you could call your bank to confirm the information in each field is correct

After you have double-checked all information is filled out correctly and you are still receiving an error, please reach out [email protected] or call/text (917) 793-6068. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜„

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