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Latchel Contractor Network & Rates
Latchel Contractor Network & Rates

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Who will be troubleshooting and dispatching my maintenance calls?

An experienced property manager or contractor troubleshoots and dispatches your work. Everyone on Latchel's troubleshooting team has at least 2 years of experience in property management and maintenance. Many of Latchel's employees come from a general contracting background. They understand maintenance and know a good priced contractor from a bad one.

Can I still use my preferred vendors with Latchel?

Yes! Latchel can prioritize your preferred vendors so we always call them first for a job.

If your preferred vendors are unavailable, or if you don’t have any preferred vendors, we’ll use vendors from the Latchel Contractor Network.

How does Latchel vet contractors?

Lathcle first ensures contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured whenever it is required by local law.

Second, they check their recommendations and past work. Usually, their contractors come from customer referrals, if not, they check ratings and recommendations online.

How does Latchel track contractor quality?

Latchel uses tenant feedback and property manager feedback to score their contractors’ performance. Their scorecard is based on quality, price, and responsiveness.

Does RentRedi reserve rates for contractors for submitted maintenance requests?

RentRedi does not have a reserved rate for each contractor. Latchel negotiates with contractors on your behalf, while staying within the soft and hard limits you set when setting up your account!

How much are the hourly rates for maintenance issues?

Rates for repairs will depend on the severity of the issue and your local area. Latchel uses all local, licensed service providers, so you can expect to pay around your market rate.

Generally speaking, repairs may average:

  • Handyman: $40-70/hr

  • Plumbing: $70-100/hr

  • Electrician: $70-120/hr

  • HVAC: $70-100/hr

Any emergency midnight dispatches could be up to 2x higher based on your city.

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