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Using Single Sign-On (SSO) to Login to RentRedi
Using Single Sign-On (SSO) to Login to RentRedi
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RentRedi is excited to announce we now have single sign-on (SSO)!

SSO makes it easy for you to log into RentRedi without having to create another password. By using single sign-on, you reduce the time spent dealing with passwords. Skip all the time spent logging in and access all your accounts with one password!

How to Use Single Sign-On to Sign Up

  1. On the login page, indicate whether you're a landlord, applicant, or current tenant.

  2. Select the provider you'd like to use to sign in (e.g., Apple, Google, etc)

  3. Sign in using your provider account


How to Use Single Sign-On to Login

If you already have a RentRedi login, you will be able to use SSO to sign into your RentRedi account. As long as your account email is the same as your RentRedi login email, it will sign you into your existing account.

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