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Landlord Help: Account Setup
Landlord Help: Account Setup

Find helpful articles on how to set up or get help with your account, contact us, change email notifications, change payment methods, change subscription, and un/resubscribe.

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Your RentRedi Setup Checklistget set up, set up, add properties, add payment method, add tenants, create charges
ID VerificationRentRedi uses Stripe Identity for identity verification for fraud detection and authentication to improve the services we provide.
How to Download RentRedi Owner App for AndroidHow to download the RentRedi Owner App on Android phone, Create Android Widget
How to Reset Your PasswordIf you forget your password and are unable to login, you can reset your password 😄
Password Reset Email Not Receivedmissing password email, password reset email, find password email
How to Edit Company Namechange company name, update company name, edit profile information
Canadian Citizen With US PropertyCanada info, Canadian citizen who owns property in US
Troubleshooting: User Not Foundpassword reset, email not found, user not found
Updating Email for "Hide My Email" Usersprivate relay email
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)Enabling two-factor authentication allows for added security when making important account changes.
Using Single Sign-On (SSO) to Login to RentRedi
Troubleshooting Proof of Ownership to Update EmailProof of ownership of a second factor is required to complete sign-in, 2FA, Two Factor, Authentication, Two-Factor, Update Email
How to Translate RentReditranslation, languages, Chrome, access, tenant portal, landlord portal, translate website, preferred language,
How to Update Your RentRedi Emailupdate email, change email, landlord, account access,
What is Link?Payment Method, Stripe Payment Method, Link Payment Method, Last 4 digits card, Stripe