• Upgrade to a 1-year ($9/mo) or 6-month ($15/mo) discounted plan

  • Resubscribe 

  • Add/update your payment method

Note: With upgrades to 1-year and 6-month plans, we will add an additional month to your renewal date if you have had a monthly payment in the past 30 days.

Take the tour, and we'll show you how!

Or, follow the instructions below! 👇

  1. On your RentRedi dashboard, click the gear icon

  2. Click the "Settings" section

  3. Toggle to the "Account Settings" tab

  4. Under the "RentRedi Plan" section, click the "Switch Plan" button

  5. Select the plan you would like

  6. Enter in your new payment details

  7. Click the "Start Membership" button


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