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What To Do If Your Tenant Screening Requires a Call to TransUnion
What To Do If Your Tenant Screening Requires a Call to TransUnion

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If TransUnion can’t generate tenant screening questions during the tenant screening process, you'll be instructed to give them a call. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as:

A. Invalid information was entered

B. The applicant has a limited credit history (this is known as a thin file)

C. Other issues designated by TransUnion.

First, call TransUnion at 1-833-458-6338 or the number shown in the mobile app.
Be sure to have the Request ID at the ready when you call!

In the case of (A) Invalid information entered, TransUnion may ask RentRedi to update the information. For example, if you entered an invalid Date of Birth, you can correct it by doing the following:

  1. Go to the RentRedi app or web portal

  2. Click Apply or Applications

  3. Select the draft application you already started

  4. Click Profile

  5. Click the Personal Info section

  6. Update your Date of Birth

  7. Click Continue to review your application

  8. From there, you'll navigate back to the screening and Submit Your Application!

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