Troubleshooting: Manual Verification for Tenant Screening

manual verification for background check, transunion help with screening issues

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In particular cases, TransUnion requires identity verification over the phone. TransUnion will verify your identity and then you can go back into the app to pay and submit!

  1. Call the TransUnion support number provided in the app to verify your identity over the phone. You can say: "Hi, I am a prospective tenant trying to run a tenant screening and need to be verified over the phone."

  2. While on the phone, TransUnion may ask for your email and application ID. You can get this from the RentRedi app, by going to where you were trying to completing the tenant screening.

  3. If the TransUnion call center is able to generate a verification exam over the phone, it can be completed immediately. However, if the renter has no credit and an exam cannot be generated, they are required to send documentation. This process can take 24-48 hours to complete. If it’s been 3 days and it’s still not completed, there may be an issue with the documentation submitted (or perhaps no documentation was submitted).

  4. Once your identity is verified, go to the RentRedi app:

    • Click "Apply"

    • Select “Edit” on the application, and follow the prompts to accept, pay for the screening, and submit

    • Done! Your report is generated and your potential landlord will review!

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