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Troubleshooting Your RentRedi Invitation
Troubleshooting Your RentRedi Invitation

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Were you invited to RentRedi but don't see any charges? Did you get a new phone and don't know how to access your old account?

Then this is the article for you!

Your RentRedi Invitation

When you receive an email invitation from your landlord, your RentRedi account is associated with the email address the invitation was sent to.

This includes payment methods, payment history, and charges!

You can log in with your invited email on any device- a new phone, desktop, laptop, (even a Smart Fridge!) and you will be able to access your account.

What if I see no apartments found?

If you log in and see the message "No Apartments Found," meaning you are not connected to a unit and cannot view charges, we'll need to confirm your account settings.

Go to the home page in the RentRedi app and tap the Settings icon. Once you're there, confirm that the email address you're logged in with matches the email address that received the invitation.

If the email address in the settings section matches the email in your invitation and you still can't see your unit or your charges, please contact support so we can assist you!

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