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Add a Stripe Payment Account via Micro-deposits
Add a Stripe Payment Account via Micro-deposits
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Need to set up a payment account? If needed, you can set up different payment accounts for each property.

Take the tour, and we'll show you how.

Or, follow the instructions below!

  1. From your RentRedi dashboard, click the navigation sidebar

  2. Click Rent

  3. Click Payment Accounts

  4. Click the Add Account button

5. Fill in the Name on Account and click Connect Your Bank Account

6. Select Manually verify instead

7. Enter Routing Number & Account Number

8. Wait 1-2 business days for the micro-deposits to hit your account & an email from Stripe to verify your account

  • A confirmation email will be sent right away - this will let you know that you entered your account & routing numbers in correctly!

    • Subject Line: Confirmation of direct debit authorization for RentRedi

9. Check your email 1-2 business days later and select Verify deposit

  • Example of the micro-deposit

10. Once you verify the micro-deposit and get the confirmation page above:

  • Navigate back to the Payment Account, and it should now display as "Payment account was connected"

  • Finish filling out your information if you haven't already done - Steps 11-13 below

11. Fill out your personal info and click Save & Continue

12. Fill out your business info and click Save & Continue (if applicable)

13. Fill out your public/full name, sign, and click Save & Finish

*Steps 11-13 can be completed before the micro-deposit hits your account, but you will not be able to proceed until you complete the payment account verification*

Want to connect your account through your bank's secure login?

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