Set Up Payment Accounts
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Add a Payment AccountRequest and connect your payment accounts to start collecting rent from tenants, set up payment account, setup payment accounts
Connect Your Payment Account to a PropertyBank account information, confirm bank account, change bank account, change payment account, send rent, see which account rent goes too
Request for DocumentationRentRedi's Underwriting team may request documentation from new landlords or property managers to confirm their right to rent a unit.
See the Status of Payment AccountsHow long until payment account can accept payments, account approval, the landlord is not ready to process payments, check status
Create Multiple Payment AccountsCan I have multiple payment accounts? / property-specific accounts / accounts for each property
Deposit Tenant's Money into Different Accountsproperty specific accounts, different payment accounts for money, renter/tenant security deposit
Delete Duplicate Payment Accountsdelete duplicate payment accounts, made two of the same payment accounts, duplicate bank accounts, remove duplicate account
Create a Separate Payment Account for Security DepositsSend money to different bank account for Security Deposits vs Rent/other charges
Rename Payment Accountsupdate the payment account name / doing business as / name that appears on tenant bank account
Updating Bank Account Email Notificationupdating payment account information, change payment account email
EIN: Employee Identification Numberein troubleshooting, what is an ein, lost ein,
Troubleshooting: Deposits On Holdpayment status on hold, payments on hold, how to fix deposits on how