Troubleshooting: Deposits On Hold

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If you check your payment account status and it shows “Deposits on Hold” (see how here), you can use the following steps to resolve it:

Check if a “Bank Return” Happened

  1. Click "Rent"

  2. Click the "Paid" tab

  3. Click "Deposits Initiated" to see if there’s a bank return

  4. Click "Deposits Made" to see if there’s a bank return

If There is a Bank Return

This means that the payment processor tried to deposit funds, but the funds could not be deposited. This is typically due to a typo in the bank account information entered when setting up your account. To resolve this:

  1. Update your bank account information to the correct information (see how here)

  2. Then, contact us via live chat to let us know so that we can request that the payment processor re-attempt the deposit for you the next day.

If There is No Bank Return

Reach out to us via the live chat and we can help!

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