You can! .... With RentRedi.
RentRedi provides an affordable solution for you to manage your properties and to simplify your accounting in four ways:

  1. Share with an Accountant—The most hands-off way is for you to give access to your Accountant.  With our permissions feature, you can send a teammate invite to your Accountant and they can create a team account for free. Then, you can allow your accountant to see your account and download your payments info to Excel, Quickbooks Online, or Quickbooks Desktop.  Take our tour on how to give your accountant access to your RentRedi account.
  2. Spreadsheet—You can export your payment info to a spreadsheet (often done each month or quarter) and then input your expenses on a separate tab.  This spreadsheet can be used with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers.  Give this to your accountant at the end of the year for filing.  Take our tour on how to export your payments to an Excel spreadsheet.
  3. QuickBooks Online—You can use Quickbooks Online to enter your expenses and then just import our optimized CSV file for Quickbooks Online from RentRedi and all of the revenue will be posted to the checking account register.  Then you can look at your P&L report each month to see the health of your investment (s).  Take our tour on how to export your payments for QuickBooks Online.
  4. QuickBooks Pro—You can export from RentRedi and import .iif files to Quickbooks Pro or Enterprise.  With this method, you can really see the details and see which properties, which units, even which tenants are your best.  You can track your expenses by "Jobs" and import the payments as "Jobs"  this would allow you to see profitability by unit, tenant, or building.  Take our tour on how to export your payments for QuickBooks Pro.

No matter your choice we make renting AND accounting easy.

P.S. You might also consider trying Wave, a free, web-based accounting alternative. Wave lets you add collaborators (accountant, bookkeeper) to help with your accounting. You can also import/switch from Quickbooks. They offer unlimited bank and credit card connections, unlimited income and expense tracking, unlimited guest collaborators, and the ability to run multiple businesses in one account.

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