How to Apply for your Apartment

Use these steps to apply for your new apartment!, application status, pending application,

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Apply for your new apartment by following these steps. 😁

  1. Tap the APPLY icon

  2. Tap “+" and select “Application”

  3. Fill out "Your Information" and upload "Your Documents"

  4. Tap “Send”

  5. Enter the unique code for the unit, which is: [CODE] and tap “Search”

  6. Enter in the Lease Start Date, Lease End Date, and Monthly Rent

Congrats! You've applied to your potential new apartment on RentRedi. 🎉 😁

After you submit an application, you will see the submitted application under the "Apply" section on your RentRedi app

Application Status

The application will show as pending until the landlord makes a decision.

Then, it will show as "Accepted", "Rejected" or "Incomplete" (if the landlord requests additional information or changes).

If the application says "draft" that means you haven't submitted it yet!

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