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Benefits of a Teammate Account
Benefits of a Teammate Account

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If you are a landlord or teammate, it might seem easier to share your landlord account, and, subsequently, your passwords. 

However, it's important that teammates create a separate, individual account to ensure the security of the account and control access.

The four main benefits of creating a teammate account?  

  1. Teammates Can Toggle Between Multiple Landlords. This is common for maintenance personnel that work with multiple landlords. Having a teammate accounts enables you to easily toggle between landlords/accounts.

  2. It Ensures the Security of the Landlord Account. Otherwise, if there are any personnel changes, the master account would have to change their password and re-share it with everyone.

  3. It Ensures the Landlord Account Controls Access. The landlord account and give view or edit access, but also revoke access.  Having a separate teammate accounts ensures the landlord can control access. 

  4. It's Free! There's no charge for teammate accounts! 😊

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