Need to refund a payment or void a transaction? Here's how! 😊

Please reach out to our support team using the blue chat box in the bottom right-hand corner to let them know you need to void a payment.

  1. If the payment has not been batched (typically within a few hours of the payment), you may be able to void it by doing the following: How To Void a Payment in Propay

  2. If the "Void" button is hidden, preventing you from voiding, this means the payment has already been batched by the processor. If you would like to reverse the payment still, reach out to the RentRedi over the live chat and we will reach out to Propay to reverse the payment after it is settled.

  3. Propay needs 14 days to refund ACH transactions to ensure the funds are received before refunding payment to the tenant. This is done to prevent fraudulent charges and ACH returns. Card payments can be refunded at any time and do not need to wait 14 days.

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