Accepted Tenant Decides Not to Rent

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"Why can't I change the status of an application after responding?"

Sometimes a potential tenant decides not to rent after you've accepted their application.

In these cases, we recommend leaving the application status as Accepted so that it aligns with the record of what happened, in case you ever need to present it in court.

For example, if you change the status of the application from Accepted to Rejected, the tenant could claim in court that you never accepted them, and that's why they didn't secure the apartment.

The best thing to do is to update the notes of the application.

  1. Under Applications, select the application you want to update

  2. Keep the status as Accepted

  3. Click on Notes and add something to the effect of:

{NAME} decided not to rent {UNIT/ADDRESS}. The application was accepted, but they decided to withdraw and not continue the process to complete a lease.

By doing this, you will have a record that it was initially accepted and that the applicant withdrew.

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