Getting a Tenant – Workflow

Workflow from Prequalification to Application to Screening to Signing to Tenant - Getting a Tenant Flow

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The typical workflow goes like this:

  1. 🔎Find – Tenant finds listing (read more)

  2. 📃Prequalify – Have tenant prequalify (read more: How Prequalification Works)

  3. 👀Show – Accept the prequalification and let them view the unit (read more)

  4. 📑Apply – Have the tenant apply (read more: How Applications Work)

  5. 🕵️‍♀️Screen – Request a screening from the application (read more)

  6. ✍️Sign – Accept the application and let them sign the lease (read more)

  7. 💵Pay – Create the rent for their whole lease (read more

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