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Troubleshooting: Can't Set Up Auto-Pay
Troubleshooting: Can't Set Up Auto-Pay

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If you are having trouble setting up auto-pay, check to see if any of the following are preventing you from enabling auto-pay:

  1. Currently, tenant auto-pay works for rent payments only. For other fees or charges (like repairs, parking, utilities, etc) tenants will still have to make manual payments.

  2. You will need to first manually pay any outstanding rent before you can set up auto-pay.

  3. You must schedule the auto-payment date on/before your due date to avoid late payments.

  4. Double-check your landlord connect you to charges: Troubleshooting: Auto-Pay Not Running for a Tenant

  5. Auto-pay currently can only be set up to run on one day each month. Currently, if your landlord sets up 2/multiple charges for each month:

  • You can set up auto-pay for one of the charges

  • But you will need to manually pay the other

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