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TransUnion's ResidentScore Ranges
TransUnion's ResidentScore Ranges
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ResidentScore ranges are determined by TransUnion.

TransUnion's credit checks use ResidentScore to predict rental eviction risk 15% better* than traditional credit scores, helping landlords make a more confident rental decision. (Read More)


  • 0: “No Score”

  • <= 523: “Decline”

  • <= 537: “Conditional”

  • <= 559: “Low Accept”

  • >= 560: “Accept”

The Resident Score's purpose is to predict the likelihood of an applicant being evicted, the lower the score the more likely that individual is to be evicted.
The Resident Score factors in:

  • Positive and negative payment history for lines of credit.

  • Usage of credit – the amount of credit being used by the individual.

  • Credit history – the types of accounts and length of credit history

  • Credit availability – the available credit limits

  • Inquiry history – the information related to the individual seeking new credit

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