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Unable to connect bank/bank not found
Unable to connect bank/bank not found

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When trying to pay rent via the RentRedi tenant app, if you are unable to find locate your bank within the Plaid system, you will see an option to allow you to connect your bank account using micro-deposits.

Plaid will send 2 micro-deposits ($.99 or less) into the account you confirmed in the next few days. Then, Plaid will *withdraw* what they deposited. To avoid bank fees, make sure you have at least $2.00 in your bank account.

(Note: You do NOT need to download the Plaid app. You will just need to update your payment method & verify it within the RentRedi tenant app.)

Watch the video below to see how it's done!

Or, follow the instructions below!

  1. Input the bank account number you'd like to connect

  2. Authorize Plaid to make the micro-deposits ($.99 or less for each deposit - ensure you have at least $2.00 in your bank account for the subsequent withdrawal)

  3. Plaid will make 2 micro-deposits within 2 days.

  4. When this happens, return to the RentRedi app and verify the amounts deposited

  5. Done! Your payment account will be verified!

Be sure to save this payment method so you don't have to verify the account again!

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