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If your listing is not syndicating to, please check the following two issues:

  1. Check that the unit has been listed: How to check if a listing is live

  2. Confirm that all your payment accounts are marked as "Ready to Process" (See Status of Payment Accounts)

  3. Ensure the listing address is correct and does not have and does not have additional characters, particularly in front of the postal number. For example,

AB 1234 Main St

Sleepy Hollow, NY 12345

would not be recognized as an address due to the letters in front of the number.

4. Make sure you have not already listed it with the partner directly. Zillow and and prevent duplicate listings, so if you or someone has listed the unit with them directly, they may remove the RentRedi listing. Unlist the unit from the partner site and then wait up to 24 hours to allow the listing from RentRedi to syndicate.

5. Reach out to RentRedi support to see if the partner site has blocked your listing. Our support team can get in contact with the listing partners to see if the listing was flagged due to any issue and help get that resolved for you.

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