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How Maintenance Repair Requests Work

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RentRedi's maintenance request features make it easier for a tenant to submit their maintenance request, along with a video of the issue!

  1. When a tenant submits a request, they can input a description, category, notes, and a 5-second video of the issue.

  2. From the landlord side, you can add internal notes, priority, and associated costs. (Note: tenants will not see this information on their side)

  3. When the status of the maintenance request is updated, tenants are sent a push notification.

  4. Tenants can also tap on the "Repairs" section in their app to see all the maintenance requests they've submitted and the statuses for each

  5. If needed, you can also send the tenant push notifications as well (i.e., "Gas shutoff, Tuesday at 12pm").

  6. Tenants will see notifications under the "Bell" icon in the app!

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